Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wine Time

Using up some older kits and catching up on fun memories that seem like forever ago, but in all reality just several months! :) Took a trip to Napa and Sonoma with my sister in law and we each brought friends to catch up with so maybe catching up should be my title here but I figured "wine" might catch more of your attention!
I put this one together fairly quickly, using circles as my go to to punch out all the cards and memorabilia I happened to collect and actually keep from each winery we visited! I had something from almost every one but as the day moves on and you start sipping wine in the morning, well, you know how it goes, I sort of forgot to grab something from each one...I take full responsibility for that but can't take all the blame because my sister in law, Amy, is on a mission when it comes to visiting as many wineries as humanly possible when we go. I knew this from a previous getaway and the competition continued! :)
I usually print my journaling but took a homemade approach to this whole layout because it felt right! I love the wine bottle on the right side and treated the label as my place to journal. Who knew sitting next to an old friend in church could lead to a wine drinking vacation? I'd call that divine intervention, big time! :)
Great memories I hope to make again on my next adventure to wine country...Amy, if you're reading this, let the competition continue! :)

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