Friday, September 26, 2014

Persistence Rather than Perfection

"Meep-meep," announced my sensor, informing me from across the room that my blood sugar had bumped above the high alert I have set at 170. Frustration crowded my mind as I reconsidered everything I'd done in the past hour since waking up at 6:30AM that would cause the spike in my otherwise fairly flat line on my trend graph.

"Coffee, check; teeny weeny bolus for the caffeine in my coffee, check; two quickly cooked eggs lazily prepared in the microwave, check; no bolus for protein, check; pause....should I reconsider the no bolus to some bolus? Hmm, no. What the heck?" This is the self talk that occurs between me. myself, and I pretty much anytime I am not in REM sleep.

All of the above happened in a matter of several seconds a few days back and while all of the above mentioned was occurring I was reading my daily devotional, literally the words of my title on today's post were the words I was reading..."...look for persistence - rather than perfection" and I thought to myself, "If that isn't the truth!" (Yes, more self talk :). I am not always perfect when it comes to my diabetes but I would confidently state in a court of law under oath with my hand on the Bible that I am beyond persistent!!!

I wanted to blog about this irony that happened on Tuesday, September 23rd and the humor of it all. Of course, today is the 26th so I searched diligently through my devotional to find the specific words on that day and couldn't. I suddenly recalled that my daughter had used my book to play school the other day and the ribbon marking the page was back a few months...sure enough I found the words on June 23rd. I couldn't imagine I hadn't read the correct day but rereading June 23rd, sure enough that is what had happened. I started this paragraph with irony but if you know me at all you know I don't believe that anything is a coincidence. I needed to see those words again, this week, on Tuesday!

So, as I was persistent, don't beat yourself up for being less than perfect, and just keep trying! It was no coincidence that after hearing the "meep-meep" of my sensor I checked with a finger stick and it was 172 but I also had that teeny weeny bolus on board that brought me down to 118, 30 minutes later with the help of my basal rate set accurately. None of that is coincidence, that is me working over time to ensure I've got this stuff  down. That is persistence!!!

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