Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello Spring...So Good to See You!

Its been awhile. Whether you're stopping by for the first or you've been missing my craftiness and random antics regarding diabetes, welcome! Life has been beyond hectic, and while I know my world is no crazier than anyone else's, I must admit I have never experienced as much chaos all at once as I have been the last several months...all good stuff but all at once. This has made me question if it is possible to have too much goodness going on at the same time? While I'd like to think not, based on my recent personal whirlwind, I think it is very real and I will from here on out sincerely appreciate when I can say nothing is new, boring sounds extremely thrilling to me! :) Enough about my personal and joyful chaos of a new, fulfilling career, building a new house, and two daughters that are very involved and growing up all too quickly...lets get to some crafty goodness, one thing I've been missing with all the chaos and hope to make more time for very soon!
While we build our house we are living in my parents' villa, very appreciative to have a place to call home but 2 bedrooms with a hubby, two tween daughters and two labs is a bit tight which explains my lack of crafting. Excuse the mess in my picture but it was just fun to dump it all on the dining table and create! 
First up, I made lots of these for our sweet nanny from a few summers back who is expecting her first baby very soon. Love the giraffe stamp from Papertrey Ink and the chevron cover plate, too. I always love giving thank your with envelopes that have postage on them to the expecting mom because it's one less thing she has to think about, getting thank yous sent for all the sweet gifts she's showered with during this magical time, and are always a great gift!

And next up, I've been wanting this alpaca stamp from Lawn Fawn since it was released several months back but with selling a house and moving to temporary housing I forgot about it and then it was sold out forever so I know spring is here but I just had to play with this one since I just got it! Simple card and love the new plaid paper from Lawn Fawn, excited to do more with those papers in my new craft space!
It just makes me smile! :) So that's it for now...thanks for stopping by and I really do hope to get posting here more as life settles back to a new sort of routine. Now excuse me while I get back to watching my daughters compete at their dance competition, they had a break between sessions which gave me the time to write this long overdue post! So blessed with my joyful chaos! Hope you are, too! 

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