Wednesday, June 4, 2014

En Route Success!!!

I am en route via airplane to Florida, last minute plans to fly due to the sudden passing of Eric's grandmother, our beloved Grandma Gigi. This was an unexpected, unplanned trip. Not like the others that are for work where I anticipate for weeks or even fun getaways like vacation where I ponder for months about the travel. Today my blood sugars are behaving nicely. After noticing the beautiful lines while on our first layover of the already long day I concur just how great an impact my emotions have on me and my diabetes. Even more, though, I realize how much that impact increases with time, meaning the more I think about it, the worse it is for me. This is a big problem for a planner, which I am!

Today happened with a bit of spontaneity, which my diabetes seems to prefer. Makes me wonder if instead of planning our next vacation I need to suggest Eric just surprise me with an adventure on our way to the airport. This sounds okay aside from the fact that Eric's idea of a vacation and mine are a bit different; he would plan a Canadian fishing trip while I am more of a beach fan somewhere exotic. Something to work on, I guess. But this whole spontaneous travel idea gives me and my diabetes such hope!

My DexCom decided to take a break while I enjoyed an in flight nap, which is just fine by me as long as my blood sugar is maintaining at a good level.

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