Sunday, June 15, 2014

Traveling Treasure Hunt

Finally, our long awaited Yellowstone adventure has begun! I am so excited to share this experience with my family the same way that my parents shared it with me. I was three years old and remember through pictures the beauty of the landscape and the family fun...
Yes, that is me as a true blond with my brothers posing and I hope to capture some of these pictures that my parents shared with me yesterday from an album I made for them ages ago. 

But let's not forget the trek of 726 miles...that's a long journey for a ten and eight year old to endure. My friend, Sharon, told me how she packed little treats for her boys to open along the way when they took the trip years ago and I thought, what a fun idea! I got to work last month finding little trinkets like travel games and light up bracelets to package up in bags that the girls could open along the way. Graci learned the states and capitals last year and Addi had learned directions so I thought it would be fun to turn it into a treasure hunt with a map so the girls could follow along and every hour or two have treasures to open along the way.
X marks the spot with washi tape and I used various stamps to mark each spot they get to open a package. I wrapped each treasure in various chevron bags with tags or grocery bag brown paper and prettied them up with leftover letters and numbers, A or G and 1,2,3 so they are strategically organized for Graci and Addison to go along with their maps.
The paper crafter in me wanted to do more with embellishments and making everything cute but the procrastinator in me won over as I was getting this project completed while knee deep in laundry Thursday after the girls were asleep!

I loved the idea of them each being able to journal this trip in their own words while it was happening instead of doing it through pictures and memories years later like I did so one of the bigger treasures to open is their own mini project life like binder with fun pens so they can jot things down as we go. They are both really into pictures and photo taking (no idea where they get that from? :) so I couldn't resist when I was cruising through Amazon a few months back and discovered Polaroid cameras in vintage colors! I got them for a good price and some instax films in a package deal and took the plunge. They are going to FLIP out when they open A5 and G5 in Gillette and I cannot wait! Eric has been teasing me that I am more excited about the treasure hunt than the trip and he is pretty close to correct! I put washi tape in another treat bag and stickers so they can add their pictures instantly to their books as we go! 

In total they each have 8 treasures to open, some cheap little items and a few larger treasures but regardless, it is priceless when you are on a long road trip and everyone is happy! I am just a tad jealous of the Fujifilm Polaroid like cameras that they get and they will need to share with me...otherwise, I have my eye on the vintage pink one!  Happy trails!!!

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