Friday, June 13, 2014

Spontaneous Planning or Planning Spontaneity?

Either way, I can't deny that hypoglycemia has a tendency of sneaking up on me. It's been a crazy week, lots of random loose ends I'm trying to tie up with work before we leave tomorrow for our long anticipated road trip to Yellowstone. We have a few definite places we plan to stop and of course, the lodge is booked for a place to safely rest our heads at night, but otherwise we are just rolling with it.

Rolling with it, unfortunately doesn't really happen with diabetes. Even though I waited until last night to start packing the kids and our laundry, trying to play it cool like a true spontaneous person would, I have to be honest here because that's what this is for...I've had bags upon bags of snacks packed and ready for fear that we will be deep into the mountains and have no options for lunch for miles. I've also thought through a zillion times now how many extra pods for my pump or vials of insulin or extra back up pens just in case my pump fails and, oh, the pen needles to put on the pen, just in case. It is just overwhelming how much I think about and reconsider thinking about this crap. It's a miracle I love to travel anywhere, let alone ever leave my house if I think about it too hard.

And I have been feeling spontaneous and cool about the whole adventure and because of that my blood sugars have really been rocking all week, nice flat-like lines on the DexCom and feeling great! Until yesterday. The reality of preparing for a week away has been hiding perfectly in my mind and somehow started creeping out yesterday and last night as the laundry started piling up, so did my anxiety of the whole impact on my blood sugars and my need to keep them controlled. And so the journey down the rabbit hole begins...
I went to bed last night with a 124 mg/dl on my OmniPod meter and no insulin on board AND I lowered my night time basal rates because I've been more active lately and noticing I'm barely above 90 mg/dl during the last several nights. At 2AM I was below 55 mg/dl per the DexCom and checked it with my meter to find a confirmed 46 mg/dl. I treated it with 20 grams of Stingers and couldn't get it above 50 mg/dl for over an hour. I nibbled slowly on a Stinger at a time half asleep through 3:30AM. Finally I saw an angled arrow up and saw this. I figured I'd be insanely high when I woke up this morning and was half happy/half disappointed to see a 116 mg/dl on my DexCom at 7AM.

I'm hoping once I have the car packed with all snacks and diabetic supplies that can possibly fit, along with enough clothing to cover 4 people through summer or chilly weather, and of course, my two sweet daughters and 1 fabulous husband seriously deserving of a get away from work, the more chill Stacy will be in the passenger seat with the idea of diabetes a mere sidekick in one of the many snack packs in the back! There I go again, planning for spontaneity! :)

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