Thursday, June 26, 2014

Too Fast, Too Slow,...Sometimes Just Too Much!

It's been a rough couple of days. Typically I am upbeat, feeling good, and optimistic but the past two days have been treacherous when it comes to my diabetes management. I could learn to be cool with this if there was a valid reason for wicked numbers but the overwhelming fact is, sometimes things just don't jive no matter how hard I try and that truth just sucks!

Yesterday I was dropping before lunch and I had the not-so-blood-sugar-friendly pizza (I catered this in for a work lunch and normally choose healthier but learned yesterday morning our budget was tight and had to make a quick change to feed 25 people so no judging here, please!) so I nibbled a half a piece before bolusing for my lunch for fear of dropping too much. I had one piece of pizza and 3 breadsticks total and did the recommended extended bolus. An hour later the sirens were going off inside my car as I drove the two hour trek home. My car was on cruise control but my blood sugars were speeding upward with double arrows...ugh! Rising too fast and not being able to do anything about my poor choice for delayed bolus frustrated me! Once I got home and the arrows had disappeared I bolused to correct my already corrected high and an hour later had double arrows down. Yuck!

I stayed up an hour later than normal to monitor everything and make sure I had not overeaten to correct the low and also didn't have too much lingering insulin to cause another one. Rest...finally! It is incredible how exhausting this cycle can be on my body, my mind. And I sense it getting more so as my age increases.

I woke with hope this morning of normalcy. A normal blood sugar so I was my normal self, normal mom, normal wife. 114mg/dl was a beautiful sight for these eyes! Off to a good start but the usual small bolus I take for the spike my caffeinated coffee causes unfortunately caused double arrows down on my DexCom and in the fuzziness of the moment, after treating with my Stingers, I wanted to get a quick photo of that sight I was seeing, those ugly double arrows lit up like crazy but of
course, I was too slow to get the picture...too fast, too slow...ugh! It's just too much sometimes but I
know today WILL be better than yesterday as I will be eating anything other than pizza for lunch! :)

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