Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beautiful Chaos

Ok, life has been a tad chaotic lately...back to school time is always hectic and add a week away for work (the same week that school starts :( ) and I've met my match. Amidst all the business, Eric has a friend with a hobby farm who let us pick corn to sell at a stand and the girls have been excited for this event all summer! Today was the day and it was such a fun time with the girls! They each had a friend join them, which helped their engagement, and it was so fun to hear them greeting customers, delivering corn to their cars like a drive up, counting change out, and saying, "Thanks for stopping, have a great day!" Proud mama here!
Some little entrepreneurs here, no doubt!

I bought myself a sewing machine for my birthday this week and took my first class Wednesday. I stayed up until midnight last night creating my first project, reversible headbands for the girls. So easy w straight lines and so cute for the girls and their friends!
Paper crafting and now fabric obsession...I'm in trouble but it's all just too fun! I've got four Studio Calico kits, a garden brimming with tomatoes and zucchinis, a half a truck bed left of sweet candy 
corn and kids that are starting 3rd and 5th grade in just a few days that I cannot wait to get home to once my work trip to Vegas is over on Friday! Can't wait!

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