Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hello, Husqvarna!

My favorite time of year for so, so many wonderful, friends, gatherings, gifts, and the icing on the cake for me this time of year usually is defined by the two plus week break from work! Yes, I get to completely unplug from it all and have no worries of coming back to chaos because my entire company is on holiday! Love it!

So, you might ask, what does one do with all this extra time on her hands? You guessed it...create! I've been spending the wee hours of the night getting to know my sewing machine and creating all sorts of sweet little gifts to give!
The colors and patterns of fabric are almost as addicting as paper for me and I see as I sew more this could become a whole new addiction...I guess it's good that I have employment to help pay for my hobbies! :)

My friend has a 7 month old so I decided to create a little stuffed giraffe for her and add ribbons for texture and motor skills. I found the pattern on Pinterest and this was such an easy creature to create, aside from the head where you can see my less than perfect sewing skills. Thankfully, I think this little 7 month old is fairly forgiving! 

Next up are the hot/cold rice filled packs. I found a ton of tutorials for this and used a combination of them to come up with my own version. Cotton flannel on one side and patterned cotton fabric on the other, stitch right sides facing together all around long rectangles of fabric and turn right side out, add a few quilting lines, relaxing essential oils in a large bowl of rice and that is pretty much it. You dump the rice in and work it so there's equal amounts in each square of your pack and stitch it closed. Put in microwave for a few minutes or freezer and you have handmade relaxation.

I am having so much fun creating gifts to give! Some of these have already been packaged up and are on their way. Luckily I made a few extras to have on hand for us to relax with, too!

What are you gifting to your friends or neighbors? Hopefully you are enjoying the process and not feeling the stress that so often comes with the season...happy weekend!

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