Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Card Book

Happy New Year! I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and rang in a new year ready to be filled with faith and joy! I haven't checked in on my blog since the holidays started but have been busy with my family and just relaxing and enjoying the little things, however, I've been crafting LOTS with the girls and have some fun projects to share.

First up, my holiday card binder book I've been making since 2011. I originally found this idea from Dawn McVey and adored the idea of holding onto all those beautiful pictures and cards we all get throughout the Christmas season. What do you do with all of those after the season? This is an easy and fun way to hold onto those memories and handwritten notes.
First, decide what size you'd like your book to be. Next, take one of the thick cardboard boxes from all those shipments of gifts and using an exact knife or box cutter, carefully cut the covers for your book. I made mine 8.5" x 6." Cover them and decorate as you wish. This year I kept it really simple but some years I die cut shapes, embellish, etc. and I always use my Silhouette to cut the year out for my front cover. Once those are done, pile up all of your cards and pictures and use a hole punch to put two spaced punches through them all. You may have to work in batches depending on how many cards you have...
This is what it looks like from the inside. I like to attach backs that are blank together with adhesive and if some are mismatched I use various papers and embellishments to finish it off.
Here is my 2013 cover...
It's so fun to have these little treasures to look back at each year, they really make me appreciate the fact that time goes by so fast and help me to remember to live for the moment more! Sounds like a perfect resolution for 2015! :)

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