Saturday, March 28, 2015

DIY Wall Art

So after my recent bedroom makeover, I decided, why not redo our bathroom as well? I found a modern damask shower curtain with pops of black and turquoise and used that as my inspiration. I painted the bathroom a warm gray color and knew I wanted a large picture to hang above the tub but couldn't find one that I loved. The previous picture that hung there no longer worked but I really wanted to use the large black frame from it to save some money and it worked well in that space.

After much pursuing on Pinterest I came across some inspiration using metallic spray paint, yarn, and rows of favorite colors of spray paint to create an original piece for my frame and I decided to give it a try and LOVE the result!
Here's the steps to create your very own...
First use a piece of poster board if you're framing or canvas if not and spray paint the whole thing with whatever color you want to be the background, meaning what you'll see when you pull your 
mask, yarn, off. I used metallic foil silver for mine. Gold would be fun, too! Once dry use yarn cut in 
pieces and lay them all over, crisscrossing, making angles, however you want. I found it easier to lay three or four in place to determine how much contrast I wanted and then used washi tape to secure on back on top and bottom, continuing until I was happy with the look of the yarn.
Once my yarn was secure I used black spray paint to go from left to right, back and forth until I liked the color and let that dry. Next I used turquoise spray paint and finally white.
The hardest part was waiting for it to dry so I could tear off the washi on the back and pull off the pieces of yarn to reveal my design!
And here it is in my bathroom. My photography skills do not do it justice but I just love the result! I see I need to update my candles now that I see this picture! :) The possibilities are seriously endless with this technique! I see a few trips to Home Depot for more colors of spray paint in my future! 

Happy Saturday! 

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