Saturday, December 19, 2015

12 Days of Crafty Christmas: Days 5 & 6

Just a few days in and I'm already slacking! Sorry to miss day 5 but my week ended with a bang as work didn't slow down at all and I literally ran right into the holiday festivities after finishing on Friday to make it over to our neighbors' in time for dinner and a limo to look at Christmas lights. Kids had a blast and the adults did, too! Needless to say, I wasn't up for crafting when I got home at 11 and decided I'd make it up to you all today with a home decor item that is super easy and so fun to do with the kids!
All you need is some patterned papers and I found an old frame that I sanded to age a bit and hot glued burlap onto the insert along the edges to keep it smooth but you could use a canvas, sturdy cardboard covered in paper or burlap, anything like that.
Next you cut strips of paper in pieces that gradually get smaller to build your tree. Roll each piece around a pencil, use a hot glue gun to secure and get all the rolls complete and stack them up to determine how many you'll need. My paper was from the holiday release at Stampin' Up and I die cut a small piece of paper that looks like wood for a trunk and used my Silhouette to cut a star from glitter card stock.
And here is the finished project sitting on the table in my foyer. Absolutely adore everything about this little creation! My youngest, Addi, asked if she could make one and it is that easy! I'll help with the hot glue gun but other than that she can make one of her very own for her bedroom. I have a feeling that will have a domino effect and Graci will want to make one for her room, too. So, looks like we'll be rolling paper into the wee hours tonight! Hope you'll agree that this is worth a missed day of crafting and I'll be back for Day 7 tomorrow, I promise!

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