Tuesday, March 4, 2014


     Everyone wants to be a part of something. We are born into or adopted into a family, crave being picked to be on the team, work hard to become one of the best of "the best," whatever that means to us in our own unique life. Belonging and being valued is a valid human need. I have an incredible life because of the people in it that enrich my world, make me who I am, but I must admit there is one club I am a select member of that if it would have been a choice to accept the invite, I would've declined. If I had a way out, I would jump at the chance. To be in this club, you have to have diabetes. You never want to be a member but once you are in this club and find others who belong to it, honestly, you've found yourself another true family who understands that this disease impacts every moment of every day.
     Anna is one of those friends. We talk a lot but only see each other every few months at most so the last time we reconnected was at a work event with a photo booth. Enough said!
This layout was a blast to put together! The fun photo strip helped, of course, but the Heidi Swapp gray striped paper and Primrose spray were the perfect backdrop for it, along with some chevron paper and the mint green puffy Thickers. A few camera details and it was complete!

     Thanks for stopping by! Busy midweek but I will be back Friday for another favorites post...my favorite recipes that I've tried in the past month...check back if you are looking for something new and easy to try!

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