Monday, March 24, 2014

LOVE What You Do

Another cold weekend here but that meant the girls making Eric and I pancakes Saturday morning while we all lounged in our PJs, catching the Muppet movie (I strongly recommend, for nostalgic reasons if nothing else :), and house projects. Here is one I've been wanting to complete for a few weeks and with the cold outside, what better excuse?

I found this shower curtain at TJ Maxx for $14 and loved the colors and the watercolor feel. I'd been thinking about doing something different with the girls' bathroom and this was the perfect inspiration piece!  I wanted a print to put above the towel bar and my motto is if I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, I can at least try to make it, or wait. Have I mentioned I'm not a patient person? :)
A canvas half off from Hobby Lobby and a few colors of mist with some water and paintbrush and I set to work while the girls reminded me that I am not any sort of a Picasso or whoever painted watercolors!
This was the finished painted piece when I was done. I love how the water moved the colors in swooshes and soften the Sunset orange color to more of the coral in the curtain. Nothing special yet but let I let it dry for 30 minutes. I Mod Podged the coral color down with a nice heavy coat and let that dry for 30 minutes, then did one more coat. This is to seal in the color and trust me, this would've been done last week if I hadn't forgotten that step!
Next I used my Silhouette to cut some fun fonts to fit a picture I'd found on Pinterest and Graci really liked this quote, Addison couldn't care less as she was more into the colors and flowers so this was a win-win collaboration! Once all the pieces were cut I used adhesive to put them all in place. A tip here is to ensure all the edges are adhered well as the next step can be doable but tricky otherwise!
Carefully Mod Podge the pieces down by painting right over the top and coating evenly. Be careful around edges and if you find any are coming up, just press down with your finger for a few moments and it will seal down eventually. I like to do two coats of the Mod Podge waiting 30 minutes between coats. I picked up a few towels and used some chevron ribbon to tie them on the towel bar and hung the print. Check another one off the list and bonus that the girls love the new look and colors!
I made several cards and finally took pictures of the hair clips the girls and I had fun making and of course, with all the fun this weekend I had a few random blood sugar swings that I've been thinking about but it is Monday morning and work is calling so I will have to post about those another night. Check back tomorrow for my glossy inspired piece for the Papertrey Hop.
All this inspiration with Pinterest and shower curtains. What inspires you to do what you love? :)

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