Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cold & Crafty

     Well, the sleepover was a success and all girls had a good time. My favorite part of Graci's party was when I walked into Graci's room to try and settle the girls down approaching midnight and overheard them counting down as though it was New Year's. Turns out they knew it was her official birthday at 11:51PM and they started the countdown to her official time of arrival! So cute! Close second favorites would be the cocoa beauty masks that made a disaster of the bathroom and the fact that Addison was included in the festivities with the "big kids."
     Saturday afternoon was another cold one as is today so I did get to spend some time with my favorite hobby since going outside just doesn't seem fun anymore when it is below zero, windy, snowing... you get the drift!
     I have had the Studio Calico add on kit from Antiquary for a few months now and finally put it to use on a few cards and a layout...

 A few pictures from our Valentine's fun this year. This layout took me little time to plan out and actually put into place..  something I LOVE about kits!
Next up, a few cards. I have the travel bug and these all involve getting away, not sure if it is because of the never ending winter or because I really haven't been anywhere other than Chicago for work in a few months but I am sending this one tomorrow to my sister-in-law in hopes she, too, has the bug and will escape somewhere for a quick getaway soon with me! 

These puffy stickers fit my travel mood perfectly and I love the glittery hearts; they were attached to toothpicks but I popped them off and they made perfect apostrophes!
I hope wherever you are, you have a chance to escape, whether to a warmer climate or to soak up some relaxation with a good book or something crafty! I am hopeful as Thursday the forecast has 36 (above zero, just to clarify! :o) in it so I am excited that this week may warm up!
Studio Calico has a new kit on sale called Office Hours, can't wait to get mine in the mail! Check out their site at

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