Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Knot Fabric and Bead Necklaces

     Sorry I've been MIA lately. Just a lot of random things going on but some of those random things do include some fun crafting so I'm popping by quick to share a super simple necklace that my girls found at a store that I decided we should try to make before buying.
     We were downtown for the yearly St. Patrick's Day parade and wouldn't you know it was cold and snowy?!?!?! So, of course, to stay warm we had to duck into all the little stores that line the parade route and we came upon a toy store with adorable clothing for kids as well and adorning many of the outfits were these fun, chunky, necklaces made with bright fabrics. I desperately wanted to snap a few photos but Graci and I locked the image of them in our minds and after the parade she, Addi, and I set out to find some fun fabric and wooden beads. We whipped these four out in no time and the fun part was, after I stitched the simple row securing the tube and pulled them inside out, the girls were able to put the beads in and knot them to make their own. Love activities we can all partake in, with a result of something looking store bought!
I started out with 1/4 yard fabric in a few different colors from Hobby Lobby, 30% off so total cost of this was around $6 and the wooden beads in two sizes were $4 per bag, plus the web coupon so total cost of materials for four necklaces with leftovers was roughly $12! The store was selling each for $11 a piece! LOVE when I can make something cute and save some money!!!  
Take the length of your fabric and fold it in half inside out. Sew a straight stitch a bit larger than the biggest bead you want to use so you will be able to put them in the tube of fabric. Once you are done stitching, pull the fabric through so it is now right side facing out. Next put a wooden bead in the fabric tube.
Center it and tie a knot with the fabric on each side. That's literally it! You could do one large bead in the middle or add a pattern of larger beads and smaller as you get closer to the neck on each side, just tie knots on each side of the bead or you could even leave the fabric looser, depending on what look you are going for...the possibilities are really up to you!
You tie them in a bow or knot and wear with anything that needs a fun statement piece! The girls each made two so of course I asked one of them to model for me and Addi volunteered but as I was snapping away was informed that I couldn't show anything above her neck so here is the necklace with my daughter incognito! :)
Made some fun barrettes so will be back later this week to try to share those and a new recipe or two! Need to catch the weather now as we've had major snow all afternoon and evening and wondering what tomorrow will bring! First day of spring this week and of course, a spring blizzard to go along with it!

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