Monday, April 21, 2014

A Perfect Day

I hope your Easter weekend was a good one. We had such a fun time with my brothers and their families. Savoring our last vacation day today and it has been as close to perfect as possible, in my opinion. The girls and I had a lazy morning, it is 70 and sunny, Eric had time to meet us for a light lunch (he didn't take the day off, we try to juggle the girls no school days and I was the lucky one this time), and the girls and I topped it off with a long overdue pedicure.
Of course for a "perfect day," smooth blood sugars would trump any pedicure and I am thrilled that those have also been strong and steady with periodic finger pricks to verify my flat line on the DexCom are accurate. I just love when my disbelief is wrong!

An added bonus was the stop on our way home at a new shop that recently opened, Cheese World, where we picked out a few delicacies like Honey Clover Gouda and a crumbly slice of Gorgonzola. Now excuse me while I go sit in the sunshine on my deck and enjoy a few slices while trying to get my vitamin D levels up! :) what do you enjoy most on your days off?

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