Monday, April 14, 2014

Yum! Chicken Pad Thai

I LOVE Chinese food but do not love the affect it always seems to have on my blood sugar. My recent favorite is the Pad Thai at Noodles & Company, which is such a better option than anything with the sweet sauce and so much easier on the blood sugar as long as I bolus the correct amount for the rice noodles. And cilantro on anything is a bonus in my book!

So I came across this Pad Thai recipe on Pinterest this weekend and made it for dinner tonight...amazing! I honestly would put it right up there with my favorite at Noodles & Company! Lots of ingredients but it comes together quickly for a perfect weeknight meal and an added bonus on top of the cilantro - it is gluten free!

A perfect Monday night meal! I'm hoping its impact on my blood sugars is a bit more optimal than sweet and sour chicken! :)

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