Saturday, April 26, 2014

Simple Saturday Card Organization

Not sure about you but I have a lot of hand made cards, which I love having on hand for any last minute occasion as well as specially created ones for individuals I have in mind whose birthdays or celebrations aren't for a few months yet. Storing these neatly has been on my to do list for, hmmmm, I think a few years now. :)

I picked up a refrigerator storage bin at Bed, Bath, & Beyond that fit most cards, since I usually make them 4.25 x 5.5 or smaller and they have been accumulating like crazy in this perfect bin but I didn't have a system other than storing in groups. While finishing up a stash from a kit last night to make even more cards, because I am a tad OCD, I looked at this pile on the table of letter stickers, 6x6 paper pads, etc. and had an aha!
Why not cut some fun pieces of the paper and label each with Thanks, Birthdays, Love, Hi, etc. to organize the bin and my entire card stash as well as use up some of the piles of stickers and papers that have accumulated?

I organized the cards into piles and set to work this morning using odds and ends and had them all organized in less than an hour! So simple and super cute!
No matter what is coming next, I'm pretty sure I've got a card for that! :)

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