Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Joy of Meetings

Ah, yes, the work meeting of the minds. Those glorious, longer than necessary gatherings that are held in far away places all too often to ensure my capabilities are up to par in my career. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely enjoy seeing peers and friends from across the country and reconnecting, gaining fresh perspective and energy to forge on for the next few months. The part that I could do without is the stress that comes with them and their interference with my daily routine because of travel, time changes, food intake, and lots of sitting for long periods.

Case in is my DexCom reading as I am waiting on the tarmac at 9:31AM Tuesday morning
I am usually around a 160 post breakfast on a good day but the moment I wake up on a work travel day the adrenalin and anxiety kick in so I had bolused for my breakfast and even a bit of a correction 
for the creeping spike as I got ready and quadruple checked to ensure I had all my back up supplies packed. So pre take off I decided to set a temp basal to increase 40% for the next two hours. Kindle app open and I am ready to relax for the hour and thirty minute duration.

The plane was warm and I noticed everyone fanning themselves as we screeched onto the tarmac in Denver. I knew I wasn't alone in the stuffy limited space in my seat. We had to wait for our spot at the gate and people around me were looking flustered and overheated as we all tried to be patient. I double checked my DexCom and as usual, my timing being anything but perfect, I see it has timed out. Expired. Damn. I do my usual re start up (yes FDA approval allows for one week of use per sensor but last time I checked, I pay my medical bills, the FDA or government do not and my skin has yet to have any sensitivity for a 2week run so re start up it is...) and gather my carry on items. I pick up my luggage a few floors down in the airport and head to the taxi area. It is beautiful outside, sun shining, almost hot. Get in the taxi with a work peer and we are both swapping stories on how warm the flight was. Taxi is hot. My peer is fanning herself with her hand and we both decide to roll a window down for a breeze.

Check in at hotel. I see many peers and friends, the hugs begin ( I am a major hugger! People know and expect it who have been around me so a few people wait nearby so I can get my hug in with any and everyone I know...). I love hugs, always have, always will. But during this session I find myself apologizing to people, sorry I'm so warm, flight was hot, taxi was hot. I notice people's expression as they release from our sweaty hugs. Odd. I can't wait to get in the room and freshen up. We get up to the 4th floor and as I am fumbling for the room key I just had I catch myself subconsciously speaking out loud under my breath, "Maybe I'm low..." What a crazy thought, I think to myself as my face makeup is rolling down my neck and strands of hair are also now sticking to that same neck.

A quick check with my meter might be good since my DexCom hasn't had its two hours before
calibration yet.
What? Ugh!!! Well, that explains it quickly. I choke down a packet of Stingers while unbuttoning my shirt and stand in front of the jacked AC unit to find relief. 15 minutes later a 64 made me feel safe enough to take the elevator down and grab some lunch. If this is the way my meeting is started, Lord help me as I fumble through the next few days...

And on my work flight home, I think I may go with a 20% increase on the basal, if any. Another day of trial and error in the books. If only I didn't have to be the guinea pig every day!

If you want to read more insight on travel and it's effect on blood sugars, check out Keri's blogpost
here .

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