Monday, April 7, 2014

Just for Fun

First, I need to take a moment to be a proud mama. After all, having a blog allows me the perfect opportunity to share, right? It has been a long, stressful winter season and every now and then, just getting out of town is enough to bring fresh perspective. We headed to Rochester, MN, Friday for Graci's Just for Kix competition on Saturday morning. Eric's sister was also looking for a getaway and lives in Minneapolis just 90 miles north so she, too, joined in the fun. It was so fun to catch up, share a glass of wine, hit Target for some spring wardrobe options for the girls, and most importantly, wake up bright and early to help Graci get ready for her first big competition.

The energy in the arena was contagious and it was so fun to watch all the girls do their best! Graci's team didn't place this year but the experience was a blast and she had such a good time.
So, the weekend definitely renewed my spirit and the 70 degree weather and sunshine on Sunday added to the excitement. I put this layout together tonight after I had a chance to reflect on the fun we always have when it comes to visits to Minnesota. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy our life in SD but I do often miss the memories we built in Minneapolis and it is always fun to get back there to make new ones! This page uses some fun pictures I took on our last little getaway to the big city in March.
I based this one on a layout I found on Two Peas in a Bucket that I loved that you can find here. I had so much fun putting this one together. Here are a few close ups of the page:
The girls love Forever 21 for Girls and I love the prices so it's a win, win. Addison couldn't get enough of the gold embellished shirts and I loved the layout of the fitting room, thought it was a fun look for a quick picture as she gazed in the giant mirror. Love that picture! And Graci's obsession for macaroons continues so we found a French bakery across the street from out hotel...
These two give us constant entertainment, whether it is swimming, shopping, eating, just a fun weekend! 
I'm leaving for a work trip to Denver tomorrow morning so be back at the end of the week with a post if I have any time to craft before then or come up with some new revelation about diabetes!
Have a great week! Spring has officially arrived and I think this time it will stick! Was thrilled to see a few patches of green grass today!

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