Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hope and Thanksgiving

The holidays have officially arrived! No school, vacation from work, Addison and Graci had friends sleepover last night and all four girls are playing Christmas songs on the piano upstairs, some lights are already up and I'm trying hard to wait until Friday to finish off the Christmas decor...

Family time, catching up with friends, lots to do as I'm in charge of a mini feast tomorrow and my turkey is unfortunately still too frozen in the fridge but among all of the chaos I can't help but be drawn to this, the amyrillus that my mom gave me last month to provide my long winter with some color. It is incredible...this vibrant red flower blooming in the midst of a snowy day. Not sure if you can see it but there is fresh snow covering the deck and temperatures are freezing outside but still this bulb blooms and thrives among it all. A vivid view of hope right here in my kitchen.

Wishing you a start to this holiday season filled with hope! I'll be back sometime this weekend with lots of crafty goodness to share because with 5 days off, after the turkey feast and finishing up my Christmas decorating and maybe a bit of Black Friday shopping, I hope to have some time to hibernate in my craft room! :)

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