Saturday, November 29, 2014

SC Sandlot and Poet Society...and Fleece!

Finally taking some time to work through my stash of Studio Calico kits! I used their creative gallery to mass produce lots of cards from left over pieces of the scrapbook kit but did take some time to come up with a few of my own designs...

I have a friend whose birthday is coming up and she loves pinks and purples so I thought this one would be perfect for her...
The girls and I were hoping to spend a little time just chilling and watching the movie Elf for the sixth time but stopped to check out the fleece sale at JoAnn's and each found some fun prints to make  tie blankets for their rooms. We grabbed a number and waited, and waited, and waited. Almost two hours later we had our fleece and were finally headed home! Needless to say we are all thrilled to be cozy at home tonight, I'm almost through my next stash of kits and the girls are almost done with 
their blankets!
Now excuse me while we get to the Elf movie...again! :)

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