Sunday, November 9, 2014

Plan to Travel, and Hear Crunching...

So, it's 7:35 PM west coast time and I'm sitting on a flight that was scheduled to leave at 5:39 PM. We were excited that we were cruising on the tarmack and in line for take off when they announced they were bringing us back to the gate for some "surprise" that they will reveal once we all deplane. I already know I will miss my connection in Denver to get home tonight. I've accepted that.

I'm also thrilled that I was wise enough to do a site change this morning before getting to the airport even though it wasn't due to expire until 12:46 AM after I was scheduled to be home. I'm good to go with insulin until Wednesday AM, which I really hope to have arrived back home by then.

I was just informed at the gate that the mechanics somehow failed to change the oil on our airplane, which is why I'm still stuck in San Francisco. Oddly ironic when you think about it...I'm better at planning for my diabetes today than a United mechanic was at airplane safety with over 300 passengers. I'm not sure what else to say about that.

The guy behind me loudly munching his bag of potato chips with his mouth wide open between crunches? Not sure who needs to take accountability for his actions and narcissism but I will say it is more annoying to me at the moment than flying...

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