Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fresh Look Fast

We've lived in our home for almost eight years and while we love so many things about it, including our incredible neighbors, our needs have changed since the girls were babies and our family has been craving a fresh start so we purchased a lot to build on recently! We're very excited but are realistic and know it will be a year or more before we actually build. However, I'm still craving something fresh but don't want to invest much due to the situation so I was on the hunt for some bedding for our master bedroom and came upon a clearance at West Elm that was perfect!
Loved the modern vibe of this reindeer duvet with accents of peach rose. We had NO peach of any sort in our bedroom, it was all chocolate and aqua but I put the duvet on with accent pillows of peach rose and stone and didn't love it. I could've bought new lamp shades to match and new drapes to make everything pop but remember, I wanted to stick to little cost here. So, I decided after moving my aqua lamps to our bedside tables, from elsewhere in the house that soft accent color would work. So I spent an hour or more digging through TJ Maxx and Target for drapes but couldn't find anything I loved and reviewed my current drapes of silky aqua and chocolate. I then went to the fabric store and found some beautiful stone colored silk on sale and a fun bit of cotton that was close to that peach rose color. And here's where the fun began...
The large piece is my previous drape panel. I literally cut the gray silk an inch larger on three sides, leaving the bottom edge just slightly longer than the original panel. I folded over, pinned edges in place and straight stitched left and right sides.
I left the bottom alone, they will drape on the floor so why bother, right? You could stitch this or be lazy like me...I won't judge! :) Next I pined the peach strip, ensuring its folded edge overlapped about a quarter inch over the gray. Be sure to pin through all fabrics on the panel here because remember the top gray hasn't been secured yet. Once I folded over the top edge and pinned, I stitched the stripe onto the panel directly over the gray piece.

And here are my finished fresh drapes...
Still need to add a few little accent pieces but for around $100, I have a fresh new look for our master bedroom and it was so easy to do! I literally spent more time searching for new drapes (and didn't find any) than I did actually creating custom ones to match my bedding.Just love when things come together easy peasy! :)

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