Sunday, January 18, 2015

Valentine Wreath

Happy weekend! I'm heading to Nashville for the work week so trying to get life at home organized while I'm away but I wanted to do a quick post to show how I upcycled my Christmas wreath for Valentine's!
I honestly spent 20 minutes on this project, although it took me all day because every few minutes I made breakfast for the girls' sleepover, picked up, took Addison to piano, planned lunch, made lunch, you get the point, typical Saturday at our house, that's why I love the weekends because even with all the fun routine life stuff, I still have time to finish something!

The Christmas wreath was still on our front door and it was in such great shape so I figured I could snip off the pine cones and red bow with wire cutters and decide what to do with it. I found pieces of red and pink felt and die cut several to layer, these sparkly pink sequined gems from my stash, I think by Prima from at least 4 years ago, matching pink flowery ribbon, and I hand cut four triangles from a piece of canvas and used acrylic paint to make my hugs and kisses red. 
I attached all of the pieces with a hot glue gun so that this wreath could last another month or two and add a little love to our front door!
And for those of you who live in freezing temperatures like I do, once the hot glue is hardened, this will stay put even in the cold temps. If you still have that wreath up from the holidays, dig into your stash and repurpose it for another season! So gratifying and cute! :)

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