Saturday, January 10, 2015

Project Life, Month by Month

Another project I'm excited to have in the project life for 2014! I loved doing this concept with weekly spreads for 2013 but knew how much work it was to keep up with and complete. After considering everything else in life and the chaos of keeping up, I had decided against the project entirely for 2014. But then I discovered the concept of doing one monthly spread instead of weekly on Elise Blaha Cripe's blog . And the second week of  November I decided I was in!

Some months I had only taken a few pictures, and others, like December, we had countless events, parties, Christmas recitals and dance performances, celebrations with family and friends, baking, New Years's, etc. The months where I had just a few pictures I had more fun with the design elements of each pocket while months like December were mainly pictures with a few simple design elements like labels.
 Left page
and right for May.

I used different colors and designs for each monthly layout but kept the concept the same. For example, the top left pocket always had the month labeled. I used up a ton of papers and embellishments from my stash to finish my album and because there were only 12 layouts versus 52, I have room for 2015 and maybe 2016 all in one album!

I won't show you my entire year in this post but here's another favorite from July...

You really can do project life and capture all of the special moments, whether they are captured with your camera or phone every day or just once or twice a month! I just love when something that seemed impossible can be tweaked to be totally doable!

Happy Saturday!!!

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