Monday, February 24, 2014

Bras and Blood Sugars

     I will apologize up front if bras are a bit too personal for you but this is just one of those stories I couldn't make up and in retrospect is just too funny not to share...
     I had taken off my Dex Com sensor on Saturday night because it was time to switch it and although I rarely go long without it, when I switch out sites I like to give myself that day, a 24 hour or so period, where I am free of one item beeping at me. Just 24 hours. So Sunday was my one glorious day of beep free living! I was off to a great start with a light breakfast and my usual coffee. Midmorning I checked and my blood sugar was 152, it was Sunday and I was on my second cup of coffee so I sat tight with that and made no moves. An hour later I was feeling a bit queasy and checked again, and, of course, I had bumped up to 238. Ugh! I did a correction bolus based on my insulin wizard and ate nothing. I had to hit the mall and gather a few small gifts for my Graci girl, who is turning ten on Friday while Eric entertained the girls at home. I'm not a fan of the mall in general but an hour or so free of any responsibility and no beeping had me happy!
     I found everything I was hoping for Graci's birthday gifts and then walked by the bright pink Victoria's Secret and decided to use this opportunity to purchase a bra that I've been needing for awhile now. The staff was friendly as I explained what I wanted and she walked me around the now larger and brighter remodeled store. She grabbed me a few to try on and I decided I had the time. So, here I am in this glamorous new huge fitting room with buttons to push if I need any assistance, why can't I get one of those for my day to day life?
     I was now onto the second style and feeling rather warm, was it the lights? The fitting room? I could barely hook the second bra and get the straps right, why was this bra so confusing? It must be this new store or new line or something! I was all out sweating in this now tiny fitting room and even though I wasn't sure about the straps on this bra, I was certain I was going to have to purchase it because I had sweat in it, ugh!
     I headed to the register area and it was packed. I waited in line patiently and was overwhelmingly warm but tried to keep my cool as everyone behind the register was glammed out in black from head to toe and big bright lipstick smacked lips. I felt awkward. Odd. Finally it was my turn and the gal behind the desk had some issues with the tags, had to call the back and get something. I was so confused. She commented on how cute my glasses were and I thanked her, noticing that I had had to push them back onto my nose several times in line. That's weird because they normally fit fine. It was because my face was now sweating. What was going on here. No one else seemed uncomfortable. I know my blood sugar hadn't been dropping because I wasn't beeping, oh, crap! I wasn't wearing my Dex Com! How could it beep when it wasn't on me. Yes, I've been diabetic for 34 years now and I often sweat when I'm low but I assumed my settings were accurate for that correction earlier. How could I drop so quick from 238 to this? I dug in my purse and shoveled in a few Honey Stingers calmly while I tried to look totally put together answering the gal's question about where I got my glasses.
     I got out to a bench in the mall and checked...43. Of course. The one day I get to enjoy no beeping and I end up spending $52 plus tax on a bra I'm not even certain will fit right and now I have to sit on this bench at the mall and wait for my blood sugar to rise to a safe driving level.
     Lesson learned and confirmed. This should explain why I only ever go that one day without my security of wearing the sensor, I do need to check the correction bolus for the daytime on my pump, and even though the bra was insanely uncomfortable and hard to hook while I was 43, the $52 plus tax was well worth it as it fits fine and when my blood sugar is normal I actually have no issues getting it on! :o) Now where can I get one of those buttons to push when I need help?


  1. Aww thanks for sharing this story! I hate the uncertainty that arise when I don't wear my CGM. Funny how I went so many years without it.

  2. I commented as anon because I don't have any other accounts but I wanted to say I enjoyed your post! I had the same situation happen yesterday. I'm glad the bra fit and you are feeling better! - Jen

  3. At least it fit! : ) I want a Help Button too!!