Saturday, February 15, 2014

Party Procrastination

     So unlike me to procrastinate (if you don't know me that is sincere sarcasm!) but my daughter, Graci, is turning 10 at the end of the month and I'm not sure if it is my typical procrastination that has kept me from sending out a few invites for her sleepover party or sincere denial that my first born is turning double digits! Where has the time gone since that night we missed Leap Year by nine minutes (thank goodness! :) and Graci blessed this world and changed our lives forever? Yeah, I think it is definitely the complete denial that is my reason for party procrastination...but, as we all know, the party must go on!
     And so, with that, we have her little owl invites. My Silhouette literally did all the work, literal by even the handwriting look of the invitation inside! Love the sketch pen option. Just printed the invitation with the bright pink pen and then switched out the pen for blade and cut the owl and all the sweet little pieces that accent the front of the card.

     Graci is very crafty with fabric and such but doesn't have as much interest in paper crafts. Luckily my youngest, Addison, has that obsession (no idea where she might get that from! :) so she helped me gather all the little cut pieces and attach to make the finished cards!

     Done! And Graci did a great job addressing the envelopes and they are even going to make the Saturday mail! See, I'm not in denial at all! (Although I see the flag is still up) not that I'm considering it or anything! Happy weekend!

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