Friday, February 14, 2014

Old Friends, New Crafters

     I had the privilege of working with two lovely ladies for the past several years and although I no longer get to work with them, we still catch up often over a cup of coffee and I have wanted to invite them over forever to teach them how to make a few simple cards since they both had the time one evening last week, we finally got together for some much needed red wine and a few cards!
     Everything used was from Stampin' Up and the first one is all from the new spring catalog. We chose to use lots of bright colors because it has been a rough one for us here in the Midwest, actually come to think of it, sounds like it has been a brutal winter for everyone! So, if we have below zero, brutal, colorless days here in SD, why not add a few splashes of bright pink and turquoise to get that warm & fuzzy feeling? Maybe not quite but a girl's got to try, right?
     Here is the first one:

     So fun, and the adorable glass delicacy sitting next to it is something a dear friend of mine left on my doorstep today, a treat for Valentine's Day with little goodies inside! Isn't she the sweetest? My picture taking skills don't do it any justice, I will work on those, I promise! Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!?!?! LOVE!

     And for the next one I knew both of the gals were big fans of gardening and flowers so I wanted something springy and delicate and it just had to have GOLD!  Not sure why but I am obsessed with gold these days! Love how it really made this card just a notch above fabulous! So delicate and sweet...

     So that about does it. Such a fun little evening with two good old friends over some yummy red wine, I think it was called Eruption, a nice blend of reds if anyone is looking for a new one to try. And both gals went home with their own renditions of these they just have to figure out who the lucky recipients will be of their newly created treasures! Never fear, we will get together again for a craft lesson so they can add to their stash!
     Happy Valentine's! I am going to sign off and enjoy some grilled steak and perhaps another glass of red wine with my hubby while the girls cut into the red velvet cake they made for his Valentine's surprise. 

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  1. I wish we lived closer! I love SU and making cards:))