Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Knew a Burger Could Be Healthy?

     I feel like our world is looking for the eternal way to be healthy and young but really, the truth sort of hurts here. This "way" doesn't really exist in the pills and bottles and potions that we all have spent time and money on. The truth is, you are what you eat! I don't know about you but when I find myself eating snacks out of a box and meals out of the freezer, I seriously feel crummy.
     While even  making my own burgers at home is healthier than what you might get at the drive through, I am aware that I am just a tad past 20 now and while I fully enjoy a good steak every now and again, fact is cholesterol is something I need to keep an eye on. Everyone in my family struggles with high cholesterol and I have the added bonus of diabetes! Thus far, my cholesterol is great thanks to estrogen (no I'm not 20 anymore but I'm closer to that than 60! :o) and my HDL is above 100 (typically unheard of but I continue to tell my medical providers red wine really should have a prescription!) but if I can find alternatives to red meat for a nice dinner, why not?
     I found this recipe for a turkey burger a few years back and my kids and husband are all big fans! I have watched Rachael Ray since she started on the Food Network and have been a fan ever since. My only disappointment with her magazines and cookbooks is that they don't list the food facts...I love to cook but it is so nice to know exactly how many carbs, fat, fiber, etc. are in the serving for appropriate blousing, right? I have written her several times with this request but somehow she must not be getting my letters. With this recipe however, we don't even eat a bun or roll with it. I slap that big spiced up burger on the plate with a dollop of the aioli and it is delish! Not much to bolus with this one and if you want to go lighter on the fat side, use fat free or light mayo and no cheese. I can't skip the cheese so we us Havarti just because it's one of our faves!

     Here is a link to the recipe from Rachael Ray magazine, which I highly recommend! I hope the link is live, if not I will keep working on this but you can just copy and paste into your address bar if not, still learning a lot about this whole blog experience!
     I hope you give it a try! I honestly don't even miss the beef when I think of this burger! A nice alternative for spring (if it ever decides to arrive and actually stay here!)
     I have a few great recipes I've tried recently and will attempt to get those up on the blog in the near future...a crock pot recipe that again, has very little carbs so nice on the blood sugar, and peanut butter balls that are addicting! For some reason I am feeling hungry now that I've raved about these burgers, if only I had time to whip these up, I am guessing I will have to raid my refrigerator for leftovers instead...

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