Friday, May 2, 2014

Bright Recipes

The sun has decided to show its bright side today and I am so very thankful! The last week has been cold, rainy, and gloomy and I'll be honest, I've been struggling. One thing I've found comfort in is some new bright recipes. Lots of bright veggies and flavor to warm you up!

First up is one from a new blog I've recently uncovered called Melanie Makes. Lots of delicious recipe ideas but my favorite part of her blog is weekly menus that she highlights on Mondays. I love soup year round and this is a great spring soup that is brightened with lemon and dill...very hearty!
Next is this BLT Chopped Salad I found on Pinterest. So colorful and let's just be honest, bacon makes everything better! This is a healthy salad spruced up with crunchy bacon and tangy homemade ranch dressing. Who knew you didn't need "ranch" to make your own dressing?!?!? :) I put my bacon on a metal cooling rack over an old baking sheet and bake it at 350 or 375 to get a mess free, crunchy slice every time!
This one isn't as springy but so colorful with all the veggies you'd normally find on your taco but tossed with some ricotta and lasagna noodles instead. Taco Lasagna... I made this one for my family and my parents last night. They just got back from wintering in Arizona and it is so good to have them close again. Not sure about you but I didn't get to see my grandparents much growing up so I feel so blessed that my daughters have both sets of grandparents close. Everyone loved this only comment is use regular lasagna noodles or even if you use no cook, boil them. Just a personal opinion. I topped pieces with sour cream, diced tomatoes, and avocado slices for a festive dinner.
And finally, these are granola bars I whipped up one night and keep in the fridge. Super easy to make and everyone was a fan of this for an on the go snack but they are a bit crumbly, yum!
I hope the sun keeps shining because after all this comfort cooking, and eating, I'm going to need to keep moving to keep my blood sugars in check and it's so much easier to exercise outside! Again, just my opinion! :) Happy Friday!

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