Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Addison is eight today. My kindhearted, crafty, energetic baby is an 8-year old little lady who got out of school for the summer on Thursday and couldn't wait to start playing school the moment she got home. This triggered the decision to make her little gathering today school themed!

I had seen the pencil wrapped Rolos on Pinterest and put those with bookmarks and a few treats in the mason jars with a library tag embellished with names.

I made a two tier chocolate cake, the Hershey recipe on the cocoa canister, and it was moist, rich, and delicious with frosting using the same back of the box recipe. After frosting the cake the fun started 
as the girls embellished the perimeter with Kit-Kats, one of Addison's favorite, and I made a rainbow
 8 with M&Ms. Next I put a banner I made with my Silhouette and a bow to finish it off! So proud of
 this little beauty!

Addison loved it and Graci did, too! The day was a success and the gifts were presented this morning adorned with lots of leftover Basic Grey papers. It's become a fun tradition to package everything up pretty for the girls' birthday presents and the giant rollerblades box looked so much prettier with all 
that paper! (We got a matching pair for Graci but traditionally I pretty up the gift for the girl of honor only as the bonus gift is excitement enough for the lucky receiver! :)
A fun and special day for my baby! Hard to believe 8 years can go by that fast but I wouldn't trade the joyful chaos for anything! Happy birthday, Addi! Love you more! :)

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