Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diabetes Vacation...

...not to be confused with "Vacation from Diabetes." That would be a cure, which, unless I've been misinformed or didn't get the memo, doesn't exist. I remember the first time someone responded to the idea of a cure for Type 1 diabetes with, "Isn't that what insulin is? A cure?" No, moron, that would be insulin, not a cure! Just to clarify!

I'd had a good two days since my last site change and was due for another one in the wee hours of dawn the next morning. I try to get every last hour physically possible out of my pod as well as my real estate where the pod sticks before changing sites but was craving an insanely hot soak in the tub with some Epsom salts. I try to reserve these soaks for when my pod is high on my stomach or, better yet, on my arm, so my insulin doesn't cook. Of course, on this night my pod was low as can go on the stomach to still be considered stomach in my world of real estate.

I filled our tub up with hot water and added salts without thinking twice and slid into the closest thing to bliss I could find on this day. After lounging for the 3 minutes I usually get to relax before there was a quick knock and chaotic entrance of both my daughters into my bathroom, I guiltily ripped my site off and had thoughts of vacation.  Sun, sand, tropical waters, and a cocktail that doesn't affect my blood sugar on my mind as I thought of a break from this world of diabetes. How would that look? How would it feel? Not even for a week in a balmy paradise, even just a day right here at home? Even just an hour? I don't let my mind go here often. But it was hard not to as I saw this...
My devices get a break, I don't know that I ever will, in fact, it is likely that this is as close to a vacation from diabetes I will ever get. So odd, but the thought of this little pod with its insulin cooking internally holding a tropical cocktail to cool off almost made me smile. But even with this pod enjoying its soak, I was worried about getting out, drying off, and putting a new pod onto some fresh real estate. Good thing I can count on my girls to remind me to come back from my mini escape! I've accepted that I will more than likely never get that vacation but it doesn't mean I'm okay with it!

For those of you wondering if your pod floats, it does not. If you notice an odd line around the bubbles that would be the Tupperware I'm mysteriously holding underneath! :) 

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