Monday, October 27, 2014

Routine, Halloween, Buffets, and Pop-Tarts...

Yesterday Addison and I were making an early afternoon run to the fabric store to get the necessary items to work on her Halloween costume. I LOVE Halloween! I don't know how this is possible because being the token kid with type 1 diabetes in a rural community the best item I ever received trick or treating was a bag of sunflower seeds. All the good stuff consisting of chocolate, caramel, colored magical powders, and any other yumminess that had sugar as an ingredient was divided among my two older brothers, who probably don't even remember that! But I think because of those memories and because my daughters do not have this non-Halloween friendly disease I go all out now to make up for some of those childhood losses. We have fun creating costumes, decorating, and we spend the month of October coming up with a unique, gory menu to eat before hitting the streets to collect candy!

So we're ready for costume creating as I hear the beep-beep of my DexCom while I'm searching for a parking spot (it seems I'm not the only one into costume making five days before the big event!) and I see that it is informing me I'm 68 and dropping. Parked and thinking as rationally as one can, I realize now I feel lower than 68. I check and my meter tells me I'm actually 49. Damn! Where did that come from? I dig in my purse and have an almost empty bag of Stingers that I chew. I dig in the counsel thingy that I keep stashed with goods and find a tiny crunchy Peep from last year's Easter that I gnaw on... I'm frantic to find more and am coming up short. Suddenly I hear from the back seat, "You can have my Pop-Tart from church, mom." Yes! She digs with confidence through my purse and uncovers the cookie dough studded treasure that Kellogg's recently added to their repertoire of flavors. Addison added a final suggestion of, "You need to build your stash up again, Mom!" Such a wise 8-year old I have!

After a few minutes I started feeling better, my mind wasn't as lost and I confirmed with a true 72 on my meter, and we headed into the fabric store. As we wandered through the tulle and sparkle I wondered what caused that low...we had gone to the earlier church service this morning because Addison received her 3rd grade milestone Bible. We are 11:00ers always but they were honoring her class at the 8:45 service so we switched things up. Typically Sundays we have a nice breakfast at home and lounge in our PJs before getting ready for our final day of the weekend and attend church. Routine demanded to be switched and we went with it and after church, Addison selected a local restaurant that has Sunday brunch to celebrate her milestone. This was my big mistake, routine switches happen often enough where my diabetes handles them smoothly, per my DexCom line, but buffets? Oh, those baffling buffets that we seldom attend are a whole different kind of culprit! I'd bolused for a high amount of carbs because they're hidden in every item on that line other than the eggs and bacon. The problem was I filled up on eggs and bacon before adding the carb goods to my second plate and had little room left to eat them. I double did the math to decide what I could add in to take up some of that insulin now on board and had Graci grab me two teeny weeny Special K treats. They were delicious and I figured they had plenty of carbs to do the trick.

Clearly I was wrong. That was my mistake. Routine was off, partly timing, but mostly my non routine of consuming Special K bars and guessing on carbs. That was the biggest problem. Lesson learned, under bolus for a treat I assume is higher in carbs, much easier to correct than treat this damned low! Other lessons duly noted: cookie dough Pop-Tarts work fine in a pinch but that flavor was definitely intended to satisfy a 3rd grader, not so much her mom, and the lady at the fabric store rocks because she taught us how to make an adorable tulle skirt for Princess Elsa on the cheap!

The girls and I spent the rest of the day working on their costumes and I'm excited to show off our final creations and share our ghoulish recipes once the excitement of Friday has come and gone so check back!

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