Friday, October 3, 2014

Spooky Decor

My incredibly crafty neighbor has tubs of scrap wood from a friend who works at a cabinet making shop. She has done all sorts of fun things with these pieces in the past and when I saw her spray painting what appeared to be the grass in the yard a few days ago, I had to stroll over and see what was up. No, she wasn't painting the grass, she was painting random blocks of wood that had been glued together. She took pieces from this...
and glued them together with wood glue so that they lined up on the bottom. Next she spray painted them on all sides...
She had a "spooky" and "frosty the snowman" already created and seeing those and my eyes light up, she invited me to jump in to create with her in her yard! Let me just pause right here and explain how amazing it is to have such a great neighbor! Kind, genuine, and crafty, too! She let me take the set above that she had already glued together and I spray painted it black. Then I took it home and found some fun Halloween papers and started setting up my design. Here is where I attached with adhesive all my pieces but in retrospect, I would strongly recommend Mod Podging this layer as well as each layer if adding paper on top of paper as I did. I didn't do Mod Podge in this first step and it started bubbling up a bit so all future ones, even though it takes extra time, I will be putting an entire coat on each unique layer. Here is my paper pieced blocks.
I just had to do the eyeballs as my two O's and adore how it turned out! It would be fun to do a creepy one with veiny eyeballs using some red spritz but my mantle is a bit more fun so this fit perfectly.
Next up I did the Mod Podging using Matte but you could use any style you are going for but again, remember to do it with each layer for best results!
And here is the project adding a little "Spooky" to our mantle! So fun and easy to make and the possibilities really are endless! I spray painted a 3 block one gold for Joy and need to think of one for Thanksgiving. Thinking this one, which is currently black on the other side, could have some Valentine themed paper and a sweet word and hearts added so it could be reversible for my Valentine decor in February! Hope you're off to a fabulous fall start to your weekend! Freezing here (literally below freezing with windchill in October!) and it is Homecoming game tonight so my hubby and our girls and their friends are off to the game while I snuggle in for a cozy, quiet evening. I cannot lie, very much looking forward to it!

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